Illustrations shown in the user manual may differ from actual machine. Specify the number of copies to be printed. Network Connection smb Installation using the Add Printer wizard 4. For details, refer to “Registering ICC profiles in the printer driver” on page Select [Yes], and then touch [OK]. Passphrase” to that specified by “Driver Password Encryption Setting” of this machine. PageScope Web Connection Logging on to Administrator mode In order to specify system and network settings, log on to Administrator mode.

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The following two printer drivers support setup of this feature: Print function of Mac OS 9. Function detail description Select “Recipient User”, and then enter the user name and password. Function name Description Copies Specifies the number of copies to be printed Collated Specifies whether to print multiple copies by collating them Pages Specifies the print range to print Paper Source Selects c2203 paper tray to be used Bizhub c203 Web Connection Logging on as a registered user If user authentication settings have been specified on the machine, the name and password bizhub c203 a registered user is required c230 log on.

If a password is specified for the user box, the user box password is required. Toner Save Controls the print density and saves the toner consumption. Ps Font List Appendix In “Queue”, enter “ipp”. Note In OS 9.


One copy is printed for checking. Note When printing a job that contains pages of bizhub c203 sizes and orientations with the “Poster Mode” setting specified, images may be missing or overlapping when the document is printed. Function detail description Enter the ID and password. Printers can be specified either by searching printers on the network, or by bizhub c203 the printer name. Here, bizhub c203 report output method is explained for an example to output the PCL font list.

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Function detail description Check that a list of available profiles that are additionally registered on the machine is displayed. Click the [Manage Profile] button.

Special Text Markings Introduction Special text markings [Stop] key The names of keys on the control panel are written as shown above. Select “Proof Print” bizuhb options under “Output Method”.

Bizhub c203 addition, problems may occur when the cache is used. To log in as a different user or an administrator, log out.

Blzhub [1 Bizhub c203 Settings], in the Administrator Settings screen. To print a document saved in a user box, open the specified user box to retrieve the document.

The menu that appears differs depending on the tab that is selected.

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Type in the password for the secured document, and then touch [OK]. Depending on the status of the machine, you may not be able to log on to Administrator mode.


Bizhub c203 can be used both on a display and in print. If necessary, change the print settings.

Bizhub c203 The Printer Driver Print function of Mac OS X Initializing the printer driver When you have installed the printer driver, you need to change the bizhub c203 condition such as options before daily printing and enable functions of this machine from the printer driver. Login PageScope Web Connection Function detail description Enter the encryption passphrase, bizhhub then touch [OK].

Item Description Device Option Specifies the bizhhb bizhub c203 of this machine, options that are installed on this machine and the status of the User Authentication and Account Track functions. The pages of PageScope Web Connection are constructed as shown below.

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From the “Name” list, select the desired model name. Printing Flow Overview of printer functions 2. Overview of bizhub c203 functions Note To update an existing printer driver, delete the existing printer driver first.