This has led to a few issues on the course where I pull a 6 or 7 iron on an approach and come up long and then after figuring that these clubs are a bit longer come up short with a pitching wedge. You simply use the supplied wrench to loosen the screw on the bottom, move the ring in the hosel to the desired setting, and then use the wrench again to tighten the screw until it clicks. Conclusion The bottom line with this club is that it performs. I have had mine for the past 7 months and am very happy with them including the shafts. The same is true of this diver; there are no markings on the top of this club.

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Posted 10 November – Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. There are a number of new features on the new X Hot Pro that help the golfer get the ball further down the center of the fairway.

Callaway X Hot Pro Irons Review

Who Belongs in the Golf Hall of Fame? Callaway x hot pro review settings means that there is more to play around with and that can lead to unnecessary tinkering. For many years, the go-to look was a dark usually black crown but all that changed with the introduction of white drivers.

Notify me of follow-up comments callqway email. Expert editorial reiew, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

Part of that is due to me getting better and putting in the work on the range, but part of that is having a club that is forgiving and that fits my swing pretty well. I haven’t really looked, callaway x hot pro review I haven’t seen another set that made me think of switching as yet. Posted 10 July – Callaway have built the X Hot irons for distance and for a clubhead of this size the wow factor was the powerful feel from these irons at impact.


They looked 5 years old after just a few rounds. Northwestern, Callaway x hot pro review win titles at Erin Hills college event Yesterday.

These clubs may not be perfect, but they are callaway x hot pro review really good choice or nearly everybody. While there is nothing wrong with those companies that stick to traditional designs, they run the risk of falling behind and having to play catch revieq while those looking for the latest and greatest can come across as being a bit gimmicky.

A moderate cavity low in the face helps increase ball speeds. CONS Not for the finesse player — some guys struggle with these heavy clubs on partial swings; testers want a bit more feedback on short shots; too much offset for many calalway some testers would swap long irons for hybrids.

Not noticed the finish being any worse than any other clubs, but with some or so rounds in, I’d only be replacing them for poops and giggles; not performance. With tax season just ending, it may be worth it to take callaway x hot pro review portion of your refund and put the X Hot Pro into your bag.

Callaway X Hot Pro irons, ClubTest , iron review, callaway

I thought the stronger lofts would make them longer but that wasn’t the case for me. Callaway X Hot Pro Irons.

As such, these irons have a little bit more going on with regards to their design, but by no means is that a bad thing. Through the use of special materials, Callaway has been able to fine tune the sound of pfo club. A highly consistent iron callawxy does a good job of covering poor swings — mis-hits maintain the character of good shots; a natural straight-shooter.


While at times it can come off a bit gimmicky, their clubs are always packed full of new technology that promises to help you hit the ball straighter and further than ever before. They’ve been in my bag for three years and can’t see them coming out callawa time soon.

This is as pure as you can get with a game improvement callaway x hot pro review back iron. Nothing great or bad about them, they just work really well and have callaway x hot pro review forgiveness that you don’t regret many shots.

Changing d is an important decision for avid players, so I suggest that you get properly fitted visit Callaway’s website for a list of their fitting centers before making the switch.

Callaway X Hot Pro Driver Review

There is no doubt in my mind that Callaway is a company that is looking for the next best thing and they are looking to give any player using their equipment an advantage over the rest. I had them shafted with KBS Tours and loved them.

They are a set that one could pick up as they start to make serious improvements in their game and continue to play long after they have become a better player. Now companies are getting bolder with their looks and we have seen many different colors popping up. I’ve been playing mine for a little over two callaway x hot pro review now.