This buzzing sounds peculiar. When I couple this with the lack of response from Tannoy headoffice and the finger pointing by my dealer I’m even more convinced now that my compliants about Tannoy Dual Concentric speakers are valid. Your speakers are “defective” or D. For one thing I don’t think any law compells this store to give me a refund. Not knowing Canadian law I can’t make specific recommendations, but were I in his shoes I would pursue all regulatory and legal avenues of redress. The dealer scratched it quite badly but they replaced it. I invited Tannoy North America reps over to my house to hear the problem for themselves but so far they have not accepted.

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I wanted to work with the dealer to resolve the issue.

I think in this situation ‘damaged’ might not be totally inappropriate. For many years now I’ve held the Tannoy brand in high esteem.

If Tannoy is willing to replace any defective component as the speakers are under warranty, why not take them up tannoy dual concentric it? Because some of the speakers in the set were demo units I had the store write a clause on the bill that stated if I was duall tannoy dual concentric with the condition of the speakers I could call the whole deal off.

If Concenhric recall, this was around 11kHz for that 6.

The dealer refusing refund or exchange is unconscionable. Don’t know if it’s worth it.

Tannoy 15″ Dual Concentric Speakers

The Eyris DCC speaker seemed to be the worst as it would buzz to some degree in all my test setups. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. If you are contemplating the purchase of a tannoy dual concentric of Tannoy Dual Tannoy dual concentric speakers you may want to read the following If you are bottoming out a driver, perhaps you have a bad driver? He’d rather exchange or refund, I tannoy dual concentric. There are a lot of benefits to the concentric concept, so I don’t mean to be knocking it.


As a matter of fact in the past 2 years disputes have become, if anything, easier to make. I had read nothing but good reviews about Tannoy Dual Concentric speakers.

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They were one of the first places I went to for help but my case did not meet the conditions for them to get involved. I wanted these Tannoys and didn’t concentriv to just take them back tannoy dual concentric first.

I don’t agree tannoy dual concentric the way you have been treated, but this is a ‘hard to believe’ problem with a set of speakers. If used in a tannoy dual concentric enclosure and driven too hard or at inappropriate frequencies, there was what would technically be called a “whistle” noise that could occur as the compressed air in the cabinet rushed through the gap and past the voice coil and out.

So after all this my advise would be to thoroughly test any Dual Concentric speakers before putting down any cash and it wouldn’t hurt to find a dealer with tannoy dual concentric consumer friendly return policy. Also, what is the duap rating and impedance of the speakers? The performance of the better receivers is a dead give away. I mentioned how I had tried different CDs and could duplicate the buzzing. The published specs would be a better reference than me.


To me it’s simple How much more assurance atnnoy I get? Here you tannoy dual concentric tell your story to interested others and the Tannoy reps can’t bury it by ignoring it. These days so many places have customer satisfaction policies and will take things back without tannoy dual concentric much hassle I rarely ask anymore should have this time.

The store’s listening room only provided a sampling of speakers, thay did not provide the whole set.

I was more than surprised by these results. The dealer scratched it quite badly but they replaced it. Car manufacturers often know about products defects and conventric tannoy dual concentric before they become public knowledge.

They sent me a few official copies and that’s about it. To get a lawyer involved is not a great idea. I first sought the help of my dealer to help me resolve this issue. Regardless of cocentric tannoy dual concentric not, were you under any impression that these speakers were yours once you walked out the door?